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If you love hedgehogs, you belong here.

Our babies are priced by color, markings, gender and sometimes temperament. We take photos in the best possible lighting. Once you reserve a baby, he/she will go out of stock. Deposits are $50 and go directly towards the purchase price shown. If you have any questions regarding our babies please let us know. Babies tend to go quickly! Reserve today so you don’t miss out.

Hedgehog Waiting List

Priority Waiting List

Available Baby Hedgehogs
Looking to purchase a hedgehog for a specific date or occasion? Our Hedgehog Waiting List gives you priority access to babies before they're posted to the site. This means you get access to hedgehogs with the coolest colors and markings and are guaranteed a baby. With the Hedgehog Waiting List, you're given access to the babies at 4 weeks old.
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There's still a few spots left!

We're currently experiencing higher than normal demand are are sold out of readily available babies.

We're accepting waiting list deposits for babies that wean mid/end June. You can sign up for the waiting list with a $50 deposit which goes directly towards the purchase price. We have less than 10 spots remaining!

The average price of our babies range from $300 - $450 depending on color, markings, gender, friendliness and genetics. You will get to pick your baby once they get big enough to photograph. Our waiting lists fill up fast! Don't miss your chance to take home a baby. The list is limited to 30 spots. The waiting list deposit is non-refundable and applied in full towards your baby of choice.

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If you love hedgehogs, you belong here.

The Ultimate Cage Setup

Our all-inclusive Ultimate Cage Setup has everything you'll need for your new prickly pal. All of the included supplies included in our kits have been hedgehog tried, tested and approved!
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Hedgehog Waiting List

Priority Waiting List

Available Baby Hedgehogs
Looking to purchase a hedgehog for a specific date or occasion? Our Hedgehog Waiting List gives you priority access to babies before they're posted to the site. This means you get access to hedgehogs with the coolest colors and markings and are guaranteed a baby. With the Hedgehog Waiting List, you're given access to the babies at 4 weeks old.
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Our Commitment To Excellence

Our babies are hand-raised for temperament and quality of health. It all starts with careful breeding practices and lots of love. Each baby is handled daily starting at just ten days old. We raise our babies around music, small children and animals to help them adjust to what life might be like at their forever homes. We take great pride in the babies we raise and have been lucky enough to provide hedgehogs for some of the country's top Zoological programs such as the Binghamton and the Central Park Zoo in New York City. We hope to pair you with one of our amazing little critters. If you have any questions regarding our babies, we're ablways here to help 🙂

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Granite State Hedgehogs
406 Central Street
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Store Hours

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What To Expect

You're always welcome at Granite State Hedgehogs. A visit to our facility will connect you with these amazing creatures. During your visit, you'll be provided the opportunity to handle both adult and young hedgehogs, meet some babies and even take one home if you're up for it! We created the Granite State Hedgehogs store as a way to close the gap between hedgehog and breeder. We started out in 2012 as a small at-home breeder. We decided to move into a more shop-like atmosphere to provide a more comfortable atmosphere for our hedgehogs and customers alike. We've grown over the years, but have always stuck to our commitment in providing the healthiest, friendliest hedgehogs around. Our current space was completely renovated to perfectly fit the needs of our customers and animals. Stop in and say hello.

The First Week Home

The first week home can be an exciting time for you and your hedgehog. It's important that you provide your hedgehog with a comfortable home and lot's of attention. This goes a great way to building a strong desirable bond with your new prickly pal. Hedgehogs rely heavily on their sense of smell and this is how they learn about you.

T-Shirt trick - A neat trick is to place a worn (not washed) article of clothing inside or your hedgehogs's cage (t-shirts and socks work best), so he or she can begin to learn your scent. Keep in mind that hedgehogs are prey animals in the wild, so they are worried that others might hurt them. Once you gain their trust, you'll have a bond like no other. 

Treats - During the first week at home, you should refrain from offering too many treats, as your hedgehog could suffer from a soft stool. As they settle down you can start experimenting with treats to see which treats your hedgehog likes. They can be quite picky, but usually have a few things that they fall in love with (including you).

Socializing - Since hedgehogs are solitary by nature, theres no real risk of them picking one person over the other. Generally if your hedgehog is friendly to you, he or she will be friendly to all of your friends and family. You should limit their interaction with other hedgehogs as they can become territorial towards eachother (especially in males).

Bathing - Bathing your hedgehog can be a great source of bonding. You'll want to limit bathing to one to two times per month as they naturally have dry skin and overbathing will worsen this. Most baby and pet shampoos are safe. Our personal favorite is Aveeno baby wash (lavendar and oatmeal). You can use a soft bristled toothbrush to clean between the spines. They prefer water temperatures similar to what we do, so not too hot and not too cold. You should never submerge your hedgehog. Limit the bathtub to just 1-2 inches of water.

Habitat: There are many options to choose from, we personally use and recommend guinea pig style habitat wire cages, with plastic bottoms. All of our babies are gravity-fed water bottle trained. They'll also need a food dish. For bedding, we recommend the use of recycled paper beddings such as CareFresh or Clean & Cozy. This tends to be the safest option since they are processed and do not pose the same risks as natural wood-based beddings. They will need a hideout, appropriate flat-bottomed running wheel, toys and an proper heat setup. We sell complete hedgehog cage setups which can be picked up in store or delivered with your baby.

Their bedding should be changed at least every 5-7 days. When washing their cage, avoid any harsh chemicals. We personally use Dawn dish liquid to wash our cages. Hedgehogs require baths about 1-2 times per month using warm water, baby shampoo and a soft-bristled tooth brush.  Inspect your hedgehogs toe nails and trim as needed (usually 1-2 times per month). You can cut their nails with cat nail trimmers. 

Since hedgehogs naturally are foraging animals, they like to walk around and will need a form of exercise. We personally use 12 inch flat-bottomed running wheels which work great in helping them keep up with their routine. Inspect your hedgehogs for toe nail trimmings, you can clip long nails with baby finger nail clippers.  Exercise does not necessarily mean running on a wheel only. Hedgehogs also need activities, and enrichment. This is done by foraging, inspecting surroundings, exploring, and encountering new smells & objects. I like to set up play areas for them. I change the placement of hide houses, scatter food in different areas/corners, and also I move the actual play area from time to time. Hedgehogs love exploring and they always seem like they are on a mission to explore and have fun in their play pen. Your hedgehog would enjoy several hours of play each evening in the pen. Hedgehogs are solitary and once they reach maturity they must be housed separately. However if two females are raised together we find they will live together with little to no aggression as adults.

Diet: Our babies are sent home on Fromm - Gold Adult Cat food. We've chosen Fromm for their commitment to quality nutritional value. It is a complete diet and there is no need for supplements. We free-feed our hedgehogs, offering them 1/4 of a cup of food per day. Available through our site and at pickup.

Food: Hedgehogs are ominvorous insectivores and should be fed an appropriate diet. Their diest should consist of a high-quality cat kibble. Optionally, you can supplement with dead or live insects and small amounts of frutis and vegetables. Feeding hedgehogs too much fruit can cause loose stool, and hedgehogs do not seem to like many vegetables. We have a fantastic write-up on food selection along with recommendations in the Recommended Foods Section.

Handling: African Pygmy Hedgehogs have been domesticated since the early 50's and as such have adopted more of a diurinal schedule being up for part of the day and night.  At night, typically when all the lights go off hedgehogs come alive! This is the time they would prefer to be handled and played with. This is also the time for them to go into their play pens.

Actual holding and touching a hedgehog can be challenging at first but will quickly become an easy task to achieve. Yes they have sharp spines, however they are easy to handle and even novice owners will be playing and holding their babies in no time. As your hedgehog gets older, their spines will soften as they grow in their adult coat.

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